Just say NO to field applied liner system!

TCS is the manufacturer of the patented RoboLiner® System (patent # US 8,500,941,B2)

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We are the manufacturer of the patented RoboLiner system. We have certified applicators throughout North America and Canada. Contact us today for more information and to find the applicator in your area.

RoboLiner® Manufacturing

Polyurea Containment Liners Produced with Automated Robot: Unlike field applied system, our patent pending system is manufactured in a controlled environment out of the wind and elements.

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RoboCon and RoboPad

Portable secondary containment for pumps, generators, light system, FRAC tanks and small containment needs. Get more information about our RoboCon & RoboPad portable secondary containment options.

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Extremely durable, the long-lasting seamless system is the most readily available. The RoboLiner® System for secondary and primary containments and impoundments are manufactured robotically in a controlled environment.

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